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Our Expert Team

Ajibola Abiodun - GCET Technical Team Lead

Experienced Network Engineer - CCIE RS | JNCIA | AWS Lagos State University | CCIE RS #47140


  1. Cisco Routing and Switching
  2. Advanced Wireless LAN Configuration and troubleshooting
  3. Python Scripting to automate network configurations and backup configurations
  4. Design and Management of Local Area Network
  5. MPLS design, configuration and troubleshooting
  6. Design, management and troubleshooting of Cisco's enterprise network
  7. Implementation of Cisco's Quality of Service (QOS).

Network Engineer with excellent technical skills in advanced routing and switching technologies, unified communication and network security. A highly skilled IP Engineer with over six years' experience as a Network Engineer, learnt on the job and also personal training and development, and over Four years in customer relationship management, system integration, training and presentation. I am highly focused, motivated, strong willed and an excellent reader.

Willing to work in a challenging and diverse position in the field of information technology, incorporating people, new and proven technology in various fields and a vision of professionalism as its driving force. Also to build on extensive range of technical and management skills within a suitably challenging role keen to achieve further professional development.

  1. Design and implementation of MPLS WAN connectivity (NBC Nationwide)
  2. Deployment of wireless connection at the ATM gallery (Access Bank Nigeria)
  3. Design and implementation of a Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network (DMVPN) (Sterling Bank Nationwide)
  4. Design and implementation of network security
  5. Juniper Routing and Switching