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Core View


CoreView is the only intelligent SaaS management Platform on the market, this solution sits as a layer on top of O365, it helps organisations with governance within their O365 environment and provides more visibility and security. Because CoreView is a SMP (SaaS Management Platform) it can extract all the data and interpret behaviour of every single user within the tenant – this provides enterprises with the opportunity to manage and secure their entire modern workplace.

In addition, below are links to 3 short videos that help give an understanding of Coreview’s solutions

  1. CoreAdmin : Helps you delegate access, automate admin workflows, partition license pools and create custom reports, so it’s easier than ever to manage permissions, calculate chargebacks and perform audits.
  2. CoreSecurity : With CoreSecurity, you can prevent security incidents with continuous security assessments to detect, alert and correct vulnerabilities.
  3. CoreAdoption & CoreLearning : CoreLearning makes thousands of training videos accessible right from within your Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics products.

    With CoreAdoption, it’s easy to filter usage data, create targeted product adoption campaigns and ultimately keep your change management efforts on track.

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