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IT Advisory and Managed Services

Under the Services portfolio, GCET provides consulting, managed and professional services to customers, first around all our core solutions and then in specialized areas like security, automation, tuning, customization /special /customer-specific archiving, processes, etc., that are not off the shelf. With our experience from global IT organizations like Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, CheckPoint, Sophos, Barracuda and with our ITIL, Project Management, architecture and other exposures we have gained over the years and our partnership with individual and teams of experts around the world, we have a service that helps customers improve their operations from process initiation, design and or optimization to architecture designs, integration into service management to solution evaluation and documentation.

Network Assessment Services

Our consultation services provide an overlook on how we can help assess any issues with the current network. Based on the assumptions given, we can infer an adequate synopsis on what is best for the company IT infrastructure. Our recommendation will be a valuable asset in noticing even the most under looked procedures and aspects of the IT infrastructure in need of maintenance, risk assessment and future investment.

We will produce the tasks needed to support the network assessment. The overall scope will feature a generalization of the work that needs to be accomplished. The following areas will have a deep dive session:

> Physical Environment – Quite often overlooked is the space containing the network infrastructure.

> Staff Engagement – The entire procedure will be interactive with ARM Technical, Control and user group in different sessions.

> Network Infrastructure – Overall look at internet security, basic cabling, and network management.

> Servers and Workstations – Provides a better understanding of what current technology is being used, what servers are supporting the work, server management, allocated disk space, software compatibility, and more.

> Procedural Practices & Documentation – To further rid of issues in the future, proper support is to be considered as a remedy to prevent faulty practicality.